The 2015 National Workshop


The 2015 First Nations Australia Writers’ Workshop will be held at the Wheeler Centre (176 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000) on August 28th and 29th 2015.

The FNAWN is pleased to announce that the event is being presented in partnership with the Melbourne Writers Festival. The City of Melbourne celebrates 2015 as the United Nations City of Literature so it is an exciting and inspiring time to be in Melbourne to learn, share and develop your skills and networks.

The themes for the 2015 FNAWN Workshop are:

  1. From Oral to Written to Digital – storytelling through time and across mediums
  2. Our writing is our work – sustaining careers and creating income generating pathways
  3. Getting connected staying connected – networking with peers, the literary sector, the publishing industry and funders (public, private and philanthropic)
  4. Writing Our Way – showcasing success and modeling achievement – First Nations writers and writing initiatives
  5. Local National International – taking our stories to the World – sharing our culture, stories and history – defining and re-fining the boundaries

The inaugural First Nations Australia Writers’ Workshop was held in 2013 at the State Library of Queensland and was by all indicators a success. We are confident that the 2015 event will meet and surpass your expectations.

Here are some comments from people who attended the 2013 Workshop:


“Thank you all for coming into our country and holding such a special & truly meaningful meeting. I was privileged to have been there and to have been involved. You mob inspire me!!”
Uncle Sam Watson

“Thank-you for bringing so many mobs to SEQ, we were blessed to have countrymen & women from all over, and all those different people from so many sectors of interest – all dedicated to First Nations writing.”
Dr Sandra Phillips

“Many thanks for organising a most interesting two days I was impressed with the many diverse sessions regarding everything related to publishing copyright etc. if this was the case with me a published author it must have been a gold mine of information to aspiring artists attending. Hearing the diversity of the many speakers was food for thought. I can only hope another FNAW workshop can be arranged.”
Herb Wharton

“Congratulations! Great symposium. It was the best group of Indigenous writers I’ve ever been associated with.”
Dr Philip McLaren

“Thank you, thank you so much, thank you. The First Nations Australia Writer’s Workshop absolutely rocked my world. It was Epic! I’m so proud of our mob of storytellers, thank you.”
Sue McPherson

“Attending the FNAWN Workshop was a refreshing and inspiring experience. The experience and accomplishments of established storytellers and writers, and the passion and potential of emerging storytellers and writers gathered was immense.”
Dr Jared Thomas

We look forward to your participation and meeting you in Melbourne!