Conceived out of the Guwanyi Indigenous Writers Festival in March 2011, the First Nations Australia Writers’ Network (FNAWN), is an advocacy and resources service for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander writers and storytellers. It exists to foster the development of skills in First Nations Australia writers, poets and storytellers, advocating and lobbying on their behalf, supporting ongoing development opportunities, in order to sustain and enhance First Nations Australians writing and storytelling.

FNAWN’s guiding values and principles are reflective of the craft of its members and the Indigenous cultures that form its base. The values represent FNAWN’s essential and enduring tenets and reflect the guiding principles designed to withstand the test of time and not to be compromised for either financial gain or expediency. They include:

  • Respect for our community and each other
  • Sensitivity to our cultural protocols
  • Nurturing our members
  • Professionalism in our work
  • Integrity in all that we do
  • Ethical in our dealings
  • Remain focused on our Aims and Vision

FNAWN will enable to advancement of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders writers, poets, and storytellers, and co-ordinate a wide range of domestic and international events, with partners that further such advancement.